Alma Charry was born in Paris, France in 1993. After dropping out of cinematographic studies, she jumped right away in the work world as a graphic designer and photography editor, which lead her to approach from close digital tools. She progressively mixed this technique with other ones such as ink and collage to develop her personal work. 

Charry builds an aesthetic populated by a range of sensibilities and recurring shapes, floating from organic textures to stellar symbols. Her playful forms, deceptively naive, are inspired by the networks between people and natural objects, as well as the constant shifting of perceptions and forms. Now her time is balanced between her personal practice and eclectic projects such as textile design, graphic design, or, as for the future, an animated short film. In fact, her range is so broad that it can be a little difficult to put your finger on precisely what it is she does. Though whatever it is always has her fingerprints all over it, she does it with charming and varied output that combines colourful playfulness with more muted tones and a range of sensibilities encompassing abstraction and impressionism as well as gentle humour, montage and textiles. 

And this is what she says about the themes throughout all of her work are: « I try to create my own way of preserving what moves me, which – if it had to be defined – would be something mixing science, emotions, magic, literature, and the link between all things.»