Andrey Remnev plays on the intricacies of combining old and new with his collection of traditional paintings that each feature a quirk or intricacy from the modern world.

Perhaps the most eye-catching thing about Remnev’s pieces are their likeness to traditional Russian artworks. This isn’t really surprising, considering Remnev studied painting at the Holy Andronic monastery in Moscow. This is the site of numerous Russian Orthodox artworks which have both inspired Remnev’s new-age pieces and encouraged him to experiment with traditional techniques in a contemporary way.

“My paintings are distinguished by attention to detail and meticulous decorating a conditional Russian style,” he says. This is evident when you look at any of his paintings. At first glance, the works seem old-fashioned and traditional in their style, with porcelain faces from centuries ago staring out. Look closer, though, and there are elegant additions that propel the piece right into the heart of the modern art world.