Graphic designer Anton Hjertstedt creates the kind of unexpected work we dream of finding. His website had us rubbing our eyes with joy, with 3D renders of the rude, the abstract and the plain bizarre. Attending Norwich University of the Arts, art school provided the perfect opportunity for Anton to hone his skills.

“I spent a lot of time in front of the computer where I developed a real obsession with creating images. So going to art school allowed me to keep on making and developing these images,” Anton says. It was the time university gave him that he feels most helped his progress. “I’ve had a great time at university. To have had three relatively carefree years where I’ve been able to focus on creating and doing things I enjoy has been tremendously fun.”

The most significant lesson Anton has learned, however, is about how he works as a designer: “I’ve learned it’s completely fine to disregard what you have been told to do, at least in my case, and go off and do your own thing completely. I always had a sense of my own failure whenever I created things that didn’t fit in entirely with what had been set, but I came to realise that this didn’t matter and I shouldn’t do something I don’t want to do.”