Graduated from Soochow University English Literature department in Taiwan,   
he went abroad to NYC to pursue his dream of becoming a 3D animator. However, after a journey of learning in computer art and hand drawn animation, he finally found his true passion lands in Illustration.

Born in Taiwan, Chemin’s works often tells story with memories of location and people. He also paints portraitures and animals with the passion of capture their spirit. In 2013 spring, he illustrates and designs a CD package for singer Europa Huang in Taiwan to help raise money for animals in Hsinchu Zoo.

“Hoop Memoir is my illustration book dedicated to the memory of the college basketball games I played in Taiwan, where I grew up. It is for both my teammates and my hometown. I paint to reminisce the people and location, some of which are no longer existing. We played with mountains and rivers in the background; now I am in New York where we play surrounded by chain-link fencing.”