Alessandro Crippa aka ‘Cripsta’ was born and raised in Cabiate, a small town near Milan, in the north of Italy. He graduated in graphic design, then moved to London for two years to attend a master course in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. At the moment he is based in Milan, even though many of my projects are international. He is a 1/5th owner of the collective Turbosafary.

His background is related to street art, although now he focuses more on graphic design and Illustration, trying to experiment new ways and techniques to broaden his approach to the matter. He has a deep interest in symbolism and metaphysical atmosphere, and claims that the main influences of his work are Giorgio de Chirico and Italian cartoon artist Sergio Toppi. He is fascinated by colourful vast landscapes, where he can draw figures in a suspended atmosphere, trying to pursue a magical timelessness of composition.