He studied at the IED (European Istitut of Design) in Rome and at the ESAG (advanced school of graphical art, interior design). He actually lives and works in Italy.

Desiderio ‘s works are born from a follow-in of causes and effects which flow in a chain one after another, one from another, depending on the specificity of the expositive locations, travels and meetings that invade his path and deviate his thoughts in other directions. For Desiderio, the concepts and the style are not existing per se, but they are born from the need to free an emotional “clog”.  Form this, the explosion, the need of “running” painting and to empty his mind through the gesture.

Desiderio is a “‘machine’ that produces possible worlds” and his narrative, which involves a plurality of media, is the modus operandi (approach) that he uses to project desires and values into a space that dares to be mistaken for reality or that dares to identify with it.The possible worlds created are all linked to each other, they are like stories that are given life thanks to already-exposed narrative sequences, that have some connection with reality but also, that are dreamlike and surreal.