Dvein is a collaborative collective that pushes the limits of live action and CGI storytelling, and is helmed by creative directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo. With a background in fine art and design, their merge the physical with the digital world to craft visual effects that are simultaneously infused with their own aesthetic. Fostering an experimental and design-driven culture at its core, we combine live action with animation to pursue a unique visual language in all their work across cinema, broadcast, music video, art and installation.

Handpicked for the 2009 line-up of Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Director Showcase for our opening film for OFFF Festival, we’ve worked since then for clients including Diesel, Canal+, MTV, National Geographic and Nokia.

Besides their commercial activity, Dvein is conceived as a platform based on experimentation. DVein try to redefine the way of focusing the objectives of every particular project. DVein are not afraid of thinking outside the box- as their were not afraid in the past of melting a plastic toy helicopter, directing ants and snails, or building a miniature music festival.