I just graduated and received an MA in Visual Arts at the University of Arts in Antwerp. My work evolves around personal subject matters, small notions that can mean a lot to me. In my comics I like to show small gestures and make them important by showing every small movement. It’s also a visual research on the balance between figuration and abstraction. Besides that I have a collective together with Bloeme van Bon, called Park Pardon. It’s a way to do things I usually don’t make and have fun in the process of working with someone. Because we are with two we are able to work much bigger, and think outside of our own fields of interest. The mutual inspiration we get is very useful in my personal work afterwords. I also have a (small) ongoing music-project called Oval Angle. Making music is something I do when I feel like I need a break from working visually. I try to make music that accompanies my drawings and have released my first cassette back in 2013 on Amsterdam-based label Jordskred, run by collage artist Louis Reith.