Gosia Herba is a Wrocław based Polish illustrator and graphic designer, born in 1985. Like most illustrators she has been drawing since the earliest childhood. After spending 5 years in the National School of Fine Arts she started her studies at University of Wroclaw where she got her master’s degree in art history. Her works often allude to mythological and fairy-tale motifs. Gosia’s an avid book lover interested mainly in anthropology and the history of culture.

Herba has been working as an illustrator since 2008. She works with journals, magazines, publishers and music labels from around the world. Her recent client list include The Washington Post, Strapazin, The Oprah Magazine, La Nation, Penguin Random House among others. She also paints and creates comics and children’s books.

Her website is basically a treasure trove of projects for diverse clients. The balance between malleability and a strong aesthetic is a difficult one to strike, but somehow Gosia has it down. Her editorial illustrations really stand out. Full of brilliant texture and wonderfully proportioned characters with small angular heads and oversized limbs. It’s clear there’s still a Cubist nod within Gosia’s style. But it’s the velvety sheen she’s cast over her images, blending sumptuous tones with softer shades that makes her work so beautiful and elegant.