Hara Katsiki is a visual artist, born in Greece. Her work delves into realms of the subconscious, is populated by fantastic figures and otherworldly creatures, and decorated by surreal and highly stylised aesthetic.
Her work resembles a dream world where imagination and reality come together. This self taught artist gives birth to fairytale like landscapes and odd creatures, using chaotic ink stains, and creating infinite labyrinths of lines.
Always keen to experiment, Hara’s work transcends the boundaries of her imagination. Using her dreams as the main source of inspiration, Katsiki inclines to define/refine the art of a wealth of melancholic imagery. A therapeutic escape from all that is chaotic, complex yet effortless.

Currently, she is based in Berlin and her work has garnered recognition like the 2010 Swatch Young Illustrator’s Award (“Opium”), ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2011 by Artists&Illustrators Magazine, and the 2012 /// MOTION + SOUND Category Award by Art Takes Miami / SCOPE Art Show and See.Me.