Windisch’s works are inhabited by astral portals, flame throwing hell machines and cursed sailors on ghost ships. The sunken civilisations of Central America, the mexican ‘Day of the Dead’, pre-space age tin toys and the woodcuts of Hokusai, Hiroshige and M.C. Escher serve as launching pad and catalyst. Still nothing

seems too familiar. Nothing is merely referential. Behind the monochromatic landscapes, buildings and machines lurk hidden dramas and overlooked tragedies. Beyond or within the picture frame bizarre rituals and strange customs take place and everything walks on a razor thin line between melancholy and circus. The

parallel universes of the Heidelberg artist and illustrator stand for themselves as much as they represent a mirror image of human society. Human sensitivities, inner conflicts, desire, isolation and the way out of it are some of his main themes.

The sceneries in Windisch’s ink drawings embark on the long voyage to the borders of imagination. Like the cursed passengers on their damaged ships the horizon is within view, but out of reach. In his postapocalyptic parallel universes castaways look for what constitutes their hope on their islands. The crisis is an opportunity and every end is a new beginning.