Pixelated glitches rub shoulders with operatic narrative. High-end animation techniques push simultaneously into absurdity and abstraction.

His first piece, The Getty Address (2006)—a 40-minute glitch opera blending live action and animation, created in tight collaboration with Dirty Projectors—was screened in numerous animation festivals worldwide, including SXSW. Wushu cranes, Neolithic kangaroos, and Orientalist cicadas accompany “Don Henley” on his spirit journey into the wilderness of Americana. A video installation documenting his own performative (partial, painful) acquisition of the Navajo language opened as part of his residency at The Department of Safety in Anacortes, WA. He has also created innovative videos for YACHT, Deerhunter, and most recently Jib Kidder. In shooting the last video, he lost a deposit because exploding blue and fuschia barbecue got onto the studio ceiling. ART.
Born in Mississippi in 1980, James turned to animation and filmmaking after attending Yale University for linguistics.