Joe was born in London in 1988 from a multi-cultural background: with roots in France, Spain, Austria and Morocco. He graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2010 with a BA in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration after which he worked on commissions for clients such as Mary Portas, Stussy and Nokia, next to his free work which seems to have been influenced by his eclectic background in one way or the other. He is consistently creating very strong images, distinctly using a toned down color palette and collage techniques.

Joe’s extensive use of found imagery adds to the freshness of his work as he takes an already existing object and re-appropriates it in a stark and accessible way. Finding these photographs has become a part of the illustrator’s process. He enjoys researching, and he always had an interest in art history that can fuel new experiments allowing the work to develop.

While Joe has established a style for himself, it’s his penchant for experimentation that allows him to embrace change and other ways of working. A large part of his work is play. Expressive and beautiful, the vivid shades and dialogue created build an energy that’s hard to ignore.