After receiving his bachelor‘s degree in printmaking at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Cen worked as a freelance illustrator in Beijing. It was since then that he started to think about the possibility of conveying his ideologies and concepts through the experimentations of different media. During the time he is studying in the MFA in Illustration Practice program at Maryland Institute College of Art, Cen has self-released a music and visual art collaborative project entitled Hermaphrodite and published an independent publication Sciophyte.

Animation is Cen’s most recent concentration. His debut animation Mutual Tunnels depicts a mysterious journey of two characters in a dreamlike imaginative world. To Cen, the unexamined life is not worth living. He attempts to trigger the viewers to question the social and cultural structures that constitutes our conscious minds. Therefor, fear and desire are the significant themes in his work.

In 2012, Jun Cen held his first solo exhibition in Beijing. Besides providing his audience a gallery exhibition experience, Cen also experiments with placing his art in different contexts. Cen is also embedding his ideas in his animated films and collaborative projects.