Justyna Stasik (b. 1987) is a self-taught Polish illustrator currently based in Montreal. She’s a self-lerner, at some point in her teenage life she just started drawing for fun, making collages and doodling in thick notebooks after school. She has a background in Polish start-up community where she was designing apps for kids as well as illustrating children’s books. She spent a lot of time creating for youngsters which influenced her style and left a little light and fun element in it.

She left Poland in 2014, lived in France for some time and now is living in Montreal, Canada where she started working on her own as a freelance illustrator. She’s mostly involved in motion graphics community working with several studios in Canada and US. Constantly looking for new approaches and ideas, she gives a vent to them in her personal projects, the most recent being embroidery illustrations. Her style is a collision of lines, simple geometric shapes and textures complemented with playfulness and humour. The works are crowded with strong female characters, boobs, butts, curves, plus-size girls and nudity, all covered with grain and colour.

Her work featured in many places devoted to illustration – The New Republic, Draw Down Books, Don’t Panic PL, TEDx, Wysokie Obcasy Magazine (PL) and more.