1996-1999 illustration BA (hons) at Brighton university
1999-2001 communication, art and design MA at Royal college of Art


2004 Sticker Graphics, All Rights Reserved Ltd

2004 Business Cards: The art of saying hello, Laurence King

2005 Digital Illustration, Rotovision

2005 The Fundamentals of Illustration, AVA,

2005 Designed to help, Die Gestalten Verlag

2006 300%cotton, Lawerence King

2007 Space, pocketsized

2007 Issue Zero-Café Royal, café royal

2007 On the edge of mesa, soyfriends

2007 If you could…

2007 neo Geo, Die Gestalten Verlag

2007 Tactile, Die Gestalten Verlag

2007 Young European Graphic Designers, daab

2008 Fully Booked, Die Gestalten Verlag


2000100 and 1000, Museum of…, London

2001The visual editor, Blue Room, The Royal College of Art, London

2001 The Folio Society, The Royal College of Art Galleries, London

2003 Peepboxes, Saatchi, London

2003 Perverted Science, Dreambagsjaguarshoes, London

2006 930sq ft 17 gallery, London

2007 Saatchi Window Display, London

2008 Sunday club, Leeds

2008 Mystery Spot, Indo, Whitechapel,London

2008 Many Hands Make More Work, Concrete Hermit, London