Darkness and the fantasy interweave in the artist’s practice. Inspired by medieval art, folklore, pagan, dreams, supernatural, puppetry and fairy tales, he makes art that depicts imaginary characters, creatures and their activities. The artist sees himself live with them by splitting his identity again and again between reality and the alternate world. He makes a turn-over by using a ‘hidden magic’ and create new forms of emotions in the alternate world, breaking away from common sense and materialism.

‘As the king of a mystical magic power and an enchantment of manipulation, when I think about how to create the scenery of my own land, subconsciously, my identity changes from the ‘real me’ in to the ‘alternate me’, which is a twisted-minded king who owns all the crazy grotesques as his residents. There is an alternate world that my alto ego and my art inhabit.’ – explains the artist

His work creates the illusion of a path to wonderland. While it has its roots in the external world, the illusion breaks away from reality. He sees it as constituted by paranoia and the dissatisfaction of actuality, thus resulting in a longing towards the supernatural. The artwork suggests that through believing in the illusion, and letting it occupy one’s thought, one can further create powers and open up a door towards a greater level of the fantastic – a gradual convergence towards a brighter vision of wonderland.