Maike Lüdenbach is an artist resident in Vienna for the time being. Even though her name does give away her German heritage she is very grateful for being raised in Barcelona. Maike has been fortunate to have been traveling the world since very young and she loves to get inspired by different cultures, traditions, colors and smells. She started modeling at the tender age of fourteen and discovered her love for magazines, fashion models and that magical world they create when combined. Because she still feels very passionate about it she longs for discovering the deeper meaning of what has been labeled as superficial. Soon after her modeling experiences Maike got into music and released two EPs in Spain. The first one with the Title of ” Speak your Mind” and the second with the spanish title ” Una hora max de luz”. Unfortunately at the age of twenty three she found herself in Berlin at a specialized hospital having to undergo a surgical proceeder on her vocal chords. “During recovery, where I was not allowed to talk for two weeks straight. I found myself mostly bound to my cheap apartment in Berlin Mitte, in the middle of another one of its infamous rigid winters, with no medium to express my thoughts and feelings. And right then, is when I started doing my first collage.”