Majla Zeneli brings a new approach to the traditional technique of halftoning.

With a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, Zeneli was a student of Eugeniusz Get Stankievicz, an important maestro of portrait, drawing and collage, as well as of Christoper Nowicki, from whom she learnt the technique for halftone.

This practice began at the dawn of photomechanics to make printing stereotypes for illustrations, and is a process that reproduces the light parts of an image on a drypoint copper plate through incisions with a needle.

Majla Zeneli works with halftone only with specific projects in mind, because the technique does not allow for much expressive freedom. For this reason she found a personal method with which to interpret it, that is more open to emotions and intuition.

Like in her latest portrait-collages, with tormented faces that seem to emerge from the darkness. Zeneli distorts the figures, disassembling them and re-fitting them, multiplying the points of view, juxtaposing graphics and layers of matter that evoke memories, scars, desires: tremulous perspectives on emotional identities.