After studies of architecture, Mathieu Wernert decided to devote himself completely to painting. In 2006, Arthenon Editions published a first catalogue of his youth works. He also participated in the special issue Peter Knapp by Novo in 2011. Since then, he was selected in several international exhibitions: the last ones were at the Soil Gallery in Seattle in 2015, but also at the Biennale d’Art Contemporain in Sélestat or at the École des Beaux-Arts from Besançon.

He expresses a real desire of painting. And even he explores other fields of creativity, the photography for example, he returns continuously to this first gesture. By this way Wernert is much more than an artist, he is a painter.
In his manner of painting, he embraces all possibilities that have been offered to him; he sets out more and more to abstract forms that underline the border of the frame as if to free itself from it. Like many free-jazz, hip-hop or electronic musicians – a real source of inspiration for him – he enriches his patterns by a subtle game of accumulation and subtraction that make them win in vitality. The poetic emotion is reinforced for visual affects that lasted for a long time.