What is the role of the narrative, what is the point of the narrative? Does a narrative compound our own delusions of the essential self? These are the kind of questions I am playing with through my practise.

Influenced my whole life in a world of growing fabricated media be it film, television, comics, literature, the Internet, I find it instinctive to work within the confines of ‘figurative’ imagery. To me the presence of figurative imagery functions as direct reference to our long held belief in the essential self. Painting has a direct ability to symbolise this paradox. Through painting we are experiencing plastic arranged on a flat surface, through the sum of its parts, the colour, the shapes, the viewer has the ability to construct or project narrative and meaning through associations with objects that do not exist in painting and drawn to its definitive conclusion do not exist in the real world.

The imagery that I choose increasingly makes references to imagery that has perhaps had a role to play in my own creation of the self. I often reference imagery from sources from my youth, be it cartoons, music or whole genres such as science fiction or crime fiction. The role of painting and more specifically the role or the artist is a conflict between his or hers own projected limitations and his decision to consciously expose those.