The application for the ‘Young Illustrators Award’ starts in January 2016!

The Award
The application for the „Young Illustrators Award“ starts in January 2016!
The Young Illustrators Award is one of the most internationally renowned competitions rewarding creativity and innovation in personal contemporary illustration and graphics. It encourages and supports designers in their artistic practice and offers them an internationally recognized platform from which to launch their careers.
“Young”, in this context, does not refer to the age of eligible participants but to the works that can be submitted: in the sense of “current and fresh”. There’s no age restriction!
The main goal of the YIA is to present the partly undiscovered and vivid scene of creators from all over the world to the public and to encourage the creative exchange. These works are important statements of contemporary aesthetics, demonstrating the current visual power of the international illustration scene.

The categories
To give an extensive indication of current trends in graphics and illustration, 3 different categories are awarded:
— Illustration (including Pattern Design)
— Animation
— Book Illustration/Book Art

Eligible applicants

–         illustrators
–         visual artists
–         pattern designers
–         graphic designers
–         animation artists or character designers
–         book artists or book illustrators
–         graphic artists
–         draftsmen
–         comic artists

Eligible for submission
Illustrative art works, art and installation projects with graphic influences, animations and book art objects qualify for submission. They can be sent to us as:
–          Images
–          Animated films
–          Book Art objects

The 30 people that are nominated for the Young Illustrators Award obtain the possibility to show their works at the next Illustrative in Berlin.
The first three winners will gain a price of 6000 Euro and the possibility to take part in a scholarship-programm of Direktorenhaus in the following year. The Direktorenhaus’ scholarship programm includes a two-month stay in a Berlin artist house where all winnser live together and work together on projects. The scholarship ends with a common exhibition in Berlin.

Illustrative Festival
The Young Illustrators Award is a project of the Art Festival Illustrative taking place once a year that aims to support young artists and the genre of illustration as well as to give visibility to the creative potential of contemporary graphics, illustration and animation.
The festival represents the forefront of the contemporary illustration scene. The participants of the festival will be selected by the curator Pascal Johanssen as well as by the jury of the Young Illustrators Award, which will be elected each year. The idea of Illustrative is to show the entire spectrum of international illustration and graphic art in one single curated exhibition, highlighting moreover the transitional and intermediate areas between applied and fine arts. With its thematic orientation, the festival is unique. It aims to help the next generation of “Cutting Edge Visual Culture” to gain the public’s attention and recognition that it deserves.
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