Graffiti Art from Syndey

10th March – 30th April 2017

Graffiti artist Caleb Reid is going to present his work in a solo exhibition at the Direktorenhaus. Reid is a welcome guest to the Direktorenhaus, after all he was already taking part at the Illustrative Festival in 2015.

Reid is currently studying sculpture at the National Art School, Darlinghurst. Having already achieved success and recognition in the field of professional junior surfing, Reid made the decision to opt out of the pro-surfer trajectory in order to pursue his creative ambitions and establish a formal art practice. In 2011 he gained admission to the historic and highly esteemed National Art School and immersed himself in rigorous learning with a focus on drawing, painting, sculpture and etching.

With American graffiti artists, Reid likens their skills and practice to the traditional atelier-style of learning. “Graffiti treats lettering just like the human form. There needs to be a physicality, weight and thought given to each letter. Graffiti artists spend years studying and perfecting before they lay any kind of creativity over the top of that it, much like a drawer or painter does with the body. I think the best graffiti artists think of it as a formal practice.” In a climate where more artists are working in the fields of digital, video and design-as-art, it is very invigorating to see a young painter with such enthusiasm for the medium. Reid’s uninhibited, oscillating lines run on top of his solid grounds to produce works that have a tension and an energy that hits the viewer with force.

The exhibition can be visited from Friday, 10th March 2017 to Sunday, 30th April 2017. For information on fees and opening times visit: