Solo exhibition of Illustrative-artist Goolsby

5th May – 28th May 2017

Clark Goolsby, exhibiting artist of the Illustrative 2015, will be presented at the festival’s venue, the Direktorenhaus, in context with an extensive solo exhibition in May.

Goolsby’s work is composed of eye catching neon colours, geometric shapes and collage. He experiments with elements of surrealism intermingled with abstracted gradients that evoke a sense of innocence in finding a delicate balance between life and death. Though the individual forms he creates are simplistic by nature the complexity of his combinations adds a level of suspense when the viewer is forced to acknowledge the layers and details exposed in front of them. Goolsby’s work is a free flowing balance between variations in art constructing and can never be categorizes into one style. He states, “Every piece I make goes through a lot of spontaneous and unexpected changes as I make it. For me, art making wouldn’t be much fun if I was just executing something pre-planned. I like to go into the studio without knowing what’s going to happen that day.”

The exhibition can be visited from Friday, 5th May until Sunday, 28th May 2017. For information on fees and opening times visit: